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Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
suspect in the previous groping. anita. >>> at least 41 new yorkers died in superstorm sandy. nearly half of them on staten island. hundreds of residents need food, water, gas, and they say help is not coming fast enough. we have a look at the damage. >> reporter: anita, the scenes of devastation here in staten island are really unbelievable. four days after the storm images like the one you see behind me, a telephone power pole completely uprooted out of the ground, surprisingly common. sandy's force is very visible on staten island. in the harbor boats are piled on top of each other. houses are torn from their foundations and pushed hundreds of feet away into the marsh. homes are boarded up, some with signs begging for help. >> i've been completely devastated. >> reporter: this 16-year-old came to this distribution center to get supplies for her whole family. >> we came here to get some food and water for us because we have no heat. >> reporter: she is not alone. hundreds of residents are suffering. they say the city, state, and federal government sig norring them. >> no one is rea
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
crest in our area. >>> all right, topper, superstorm sandy brought down trees, just about everywhere and we were there with one stunned family after a massive tree crashed through their roof. our todd walker is live from northwest d.c. where the family took him inside to tour all the damage. oh no. todd? >> reporter: it is quite a mess and you know what? they're still cleaning pretty much the mess, not even -- up from the mess. not even halfway done wit. when that tree went down it went into power lines and snapped that power pole in half. if you look behind the power pole, you can see that tree is still there. all four members of the family was inside. it was a scary situation but it has them counting their blessings. >> huge tree and it was a beautiful tree. >> reporter: this is not how jay and her husband dan planned their remodel going. >> i was in the bathroom and i walked in here and that was sticking down. >> reporter: they'd always wanted a skylight but in the middle of a hurricane is not the best time. but sandy had other plans. >> . if we hadn't done the aadditional this wo
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
jersey are taking stock of overwhelming devastation left from superstorm sandy. >> some of the worst damage is along the jersey shore where floods and outages prompted governor chris christie to postpone halloween. alison harmelin is in atlantic city. >> reporter: anita, a clear sunny day here at the jersey shore only made it so much more evident that the destruction is everywhere. president obama arrived in new jersey for a closeup look at the damage. the president took a chopper tour with governor christie over devastated areas of the state where superstorm sandy hit with full force. record storm surge took out atlantic city's boardwalk. in the tiny beach community of long port, new jersey, the storm surge brought the beach literally right onto the main street. there are feet and feet of sand piled up as if it were a snowstorm. they came out bikes to see the devastation. >> never saw sand like that. that's due to the storm surge i think. >> reporter: further up the jersey shore this is what's left of the famous boardwalk in seaside heights. the storm lifted homes off their foundati
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3